'A breath of fresh air' in leadership development by a UK renowned leadership specialist and a global golf coach, Jo Cameron and Julian Mellor

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"Great fun, good team building, thought-provoking. Don't change a thing"Dave Bramley Jaguar LandRover

Great day out . We know all know that there are many parallels between the sporting world and business but this was very well packaged to get the learnings across in a fun and enjoyable way” Wayne Morris, Head of Executive Search, Sheridan Maine, Birmingham

“Great team building event. Really stress relieving. A good link between how you can reduce tension at work” Andy Joyce Jaguar LandRover

 “It was a pleasure to work with you. The feedback we got was amazing, with many employees saying how positive and inspiring you were, how they loved the energy and have lots of good take messages about confidence to take away with them.” Sarah Stanway, Shell Global Solutions

"This course was extremely useful both for my career and golf alike. Using them both together was thoroughly engaging and something I will put into practice. I would recommend this course to anyone who is a keen golfer or for someone who would like to get into golf as this course can  be related to any business out there. Both Jo & Julian were very approachable and made the day a lot of fun!  "
Dominic Fortey, Senior Consultant, Sheridan Maine, Birmingham

What do people say about us?

Out of a possible 800 points on the feedback sheet, Jaguar LandRover gave us 762! Thank you JLR for being such fantastic guests! See below some other lovely things that people say.....

And a lovely letter from one of clients, Andy Bird CEO of Fairfax Multi Academy Trust :

"Just how do you invigorate your senior teams and give them professional development that is creative and enjoyable to make them take the next steps towards excellence? You commission RedMane Group to deliver world-class programmes through golf and the boardroom.

As CEO of the Fairfax Multi Academy Trust I wanted to support my senior staff and assist them in improving their portfolio of leadership and management attributes. Jo and Julian provided us with a simple yet highly ingenious day that skilfully mixed the theory of leading through the medium of golf. Only one out of eight of my senior team had ever picked up a club never mind played but they all came back the next day full of enthusiasm and remarked on how they enjoyed the practical side of the day.

 Without reservation, I cannot do justice to the remarkable and inspirational day RedMane provided. This will without doubt be one of the best decisions you will make to improve morale, productivity and impact in your team"

 Andy Bird – CEO
Fairfax Multi Academy Trust.

A typical feedback sheet from a group of 18 people : 

The Enjoyment                                                        100.00%

The Facilitation skills of Jo and Julian                      96.36%
The Learning outcomes                                            91.81%
The Team Building                                                    96.36%
The Learning Atmosphere                                          98.18%
The Usefulness                                                          98.18%

David - Company owner of ten years - GOLFER
"The whole concept of Golf Inspired Business Solutions is very illuminating, and well worthwhile. Jo and Julian two make a very good team. The golf improvement alone was worth the money! However I am also reflecting on the business insights which came out of the day. All of them will be useful. I have already achieved a result from what I learned! You really HAVE something here and it's very brave AND it really works!!

LAURA DUPONT Marketing Company Owner - Non-golfer
"Prior to attending the course I was constantly caught up in the frantic throws of life, always too busy to take time, thinking nobody understood what it was like being a mum, and business owner. Even though people had often suggested I took time out for me, my reaction was always quite resistant. I found myself in a place where I was constantly tired, not realising the impact this was having on both myself and those around me. I became a negative person to be around.Attending the RedMane Golf Inspired Leadership course has been a turning point in my life. There were so key moments of truth when I realised that I was the one putting so much pressure on myself and that being stressed and rigid constricted my performance immensely. Working with Jo and Julian gave me the clarity to develop a different approach to life which was demonstrated in a very practical way on the golf course. As a non-golfer it was fascinating to see the similarities between business and golf. Being out on the golf course enabled me to develop a clearer strategy to work through my day to day life. A few months later on when I feel the old stressed me creeping back, I simply head down the driving range, close my eyes and hit, or maybe miss (who cares) a few balls to remind myself that, intuition, calmness feels like a much more successful way to live life"

CELIA - Marketing Company Owner - Delegate on Golf Inspired Leadership Programme - non golfer
"Prior to attending the leadership course I was struggling to identify my goals and, even more, to have belief in myself to achieve the targets I was aspiring to. During the 2 days with Redmane I experienced new techniques and ideas which enabled me to envisage myself meeting targets and stopping me from clouding the real goals in my business life.

As well as being an eye opener in terms of what can achieve I also had a really wonderful time with fellow attendees and amazing coaches. I managed to enjoy a bit of golf, a sport I never believed would suit me, and giving me a renewed perspective on what is possible when you open your mind."

"Ingenious. Remarkable. Inspirational. World Class. Skillfully done" Andy Bird CEO FMAT

"Illuminating. Well worthwhile. Brave. It REALLY WORKS". David Hutt, MD Hutt Professional