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A breath of fresh air in leadership development by Jo Cameron 

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EXECUTIVE hideaways

Would you like to take your team away, to 'hideaway' for a few days to develop a strategy that blows your competition away? Or are you an Executive that would like to join us on one of 'open programmes' to meet new people, to learn and play golf, by stepping off the corporate treadmill AND learning some new leadership skills?

Are you looking for something really special for your team or to create a truly unforgettable experience? Perhaps you are looking for a way to reward your team or to ensure they are fully bonded as a group ready to take on their next set of challenges?

Several times each year, you can take advantage of our time at our Canarian base in the beautiful 'eternal spring' island of Tenerife. We have been hosting groups of this type for over 5 years so you are safe in the knowledge that the programme of events in Tenerife will be one that will stay with your forever.

You are invited to bring your Leadership Team, your clients or those special people you want to thank, to join us for a programme of a lifetime. Or to join us on one of our open programmes specially put together with hand-picked people? 

"My first week has been truly amazing since Tenerife! I'm a new person! It's fascinating how there have been subtle changes within. I'm thinking things through differently, focusing with more conviction, believing I can do/achieve anything, advising the kids with a different attitude, just loads of stuff! I'm still working on all my 95%. Fantastic love it!"Corporate Leader

Each programme is tailored especially to your requirements and we work with you to help you choose the best solution for you. Here is the range of options you get :

Step 1 - Choose your duration

You can chose from 3, 4 or 5 days. Each programme includes a day each side to settle in and to allow for travel time so the programme durations are 3 plus 2 (5 in total), 4 plus 2 (6 in total) and 5 plus 2 (7 in total)

Step 2 - Choose your content

Whether you are looking to get your team to bond or to develop their leadership skills, whether you want some time out of the office to develop your strategy or whether you want to reward your team for a job well done, we can help you craft your perfect programme.

Choose from our range of Golf Inspired Leadership and Management programmes :

  1. Team building 
  2. Strategic Hideaways
  3. Leadership development
  4. Relationship Building / Networking 
  5. A mixture of all four

You can even add on your ILM 5 too if you chose, which is a universally recognised qualification equivalent to a Degree

Step 3 - Choose your location 

The Golfing conference venues in Tenerife are terrific. We have relationships with many so we can select a location that best suits your programme and your budget. Maximum travel time to any of our locations is 35 minute from the airport. A sample of these is given below :

Golf Del sur - A stunning environment that will suit most budgets (3 star)

Costa Adeje - A challenging golf course that even has it's own elevator! (4 star)

Ritz Carlton - Totally captivating luxury! A real VIP experience (5 star all the way!)

Why Tenerife?

Tenerife is known as the island of 'eternal Spring'. It averages temperatures of between 22 and 28 degrees all year round. This means that you get extra daylight hours, giving you more time with your people. Beyond the tourism on the island, it has a stunning aura. The locations we choose for you are really peaceful and chosen specifically for the relaxed atmosphere they help create. 

Tenerife is in the same time zone as the UK so there is no jet lag to cope with and with most flights leaving in the morning you will be sat by the pool in time for lunch and a cold beer!

Away from tourist areas there are stunning unspoilt destinations which offer delightful dining experiences and super golf.

"I had the most fantastic time at the hideaway! I enjoyed absolutely everything about the trip. It was perfect timing for me. It was great getting to know everyone too. Your care and support of us was 'outstanding'! You really went the extra mile to ensure all our needs were met. Lots of love and gratitude" Business woman in a family business

Tenerife is largely shaking off its image of the 80's and it's crowds of boozy revellers. It has grown into a sophisticated Canarian oasis with five star venues, fine dining and stunning locations that provide the perfect location within which to learn.You return total rejunvanted and refreshed.

Tenerife has gone so upmarket that every new hotel being built has to be at least of a five star standard.

But it's only on programmes such as this, when we create a stimulating and simultaneously calm environment that truly original creative thinking can emerge. This is largely not achievable in a freezing cold classroom in Basingstoke!

This what else Tenerife offers you :

  • Premier locations without premium fees
  • Great air quality 
  • Working in the sun is proven to be more productive 
  • Something extra special for your teams
  • Double the amount of time because of the extra day light hours 

This is what a typical day could look like :

0745 - Optional Early Riser Programme - walk along the stunning coastline, yoga or meditation 
0845 - Breakfast 
0930 - Working session
1300 - Lunch 
1400 - Afternoon session commences with relaxed action planning sessions or golf
1730 - Formalities complete
1930 - Dinner 

As much as possible, sessions are carried out outdoors. During summer months we stay in the shade during the hottest parts of the day. And you have no need to worry because if you have people in your party who don't liek golf there are a whole range of activities that we slot into it's place

The list below gives the dates available :

April 17th to 24th
August 5th to 12th & 19th to 26th
October 21st to 28th
January 1st to 8th 

What do I get?
Our all inclusive packages include flights, with extra weight allowance, golf clubs (if desired), transfers to and from Tenerife south airport, all meals and locally produced beers and wines.  

Add on extra days and more golf if you want to. Here is the list of optional extras :

  • Golf lessons 
  • Spectacular excursions such as star gazing up Mount Teide, whale / dolphin watching, champagne reception, gala dinners, VIP lounge at airport 
  • Private air charter 
  • Yoga sessions
  • Mediation sessions
  • Swimming in the 'dead pool'
  • Extra leg room seats (when available)
  • Internal UK flights 
  • Private collections / taxi from home
  • Airport car parking 

If you would like more information please call +44 (0) 1926 257 550 or email info@redmanegroup.com for a no obligation chat

This was taken from a detailed case study of our Tenerife participants

What have you learned from the programme?

I learned how to identify and achieve the outcomes that I really wanted rather than being limited by my own self-doubt and how I could build a team of people around me who would support my goals and share and benefit from the results.

What did you get from the content of the course?

I came away from the course a very different person and in the last 15 months since returning from the course I have happily ticked off many of the items on my "action plan" which has given me the confidence to realise that we are limited only by our own self beliefs, the business has benefitted (and produced increased turnover/growth) and I personally have been able to put into practice much more than I ever thought possible when, in early 2013, I first embarked on the idea that I wanted to "develop myself" in order to grow the business.

How has this changed your life as result?

As a business we have structure in our growth plans, before it was rather random, we now meet regularly as Directors, before it was very ad-hoc, we identify strategic and tactical plans for each area of our business, allocate responsibilities and tasks to each other and other members of the team and are much more accountable for our results. We revisit and amend the plans on a monthly basis, not everything gets carried through but if it doesn't it is because we have reclassified it and decided to restructure the action plan rather than allowing things to just fall by the wayside.

Prices start from as little as £2995 + vat per person