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"It seemed like a lot of money at the time of signing up but half way through the year I was already signing up for the next year" 

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Need some time away from your desk to think?

Having business issues that you would like input on from other CEO's and MD's?

Looking for new ideas?

Want to brush up on your golf skills?

AND ....Have you ever wanted to have a group of really good people help you answer these questions ?

“This is my five year business strategy. Our company has lots of different businesses within in. I know it’s really comprehensive but where do you think I should go next?

“I’ve invested in several businesses and I’m wondering where to put my focus now. What do you think?”

“How can I engage my employees better please”?

"I'm a CEO. I love my job but how do I achieve a better work life balance"

You need look no further.

"I love it. It's a regular thing in my diary that I look forward to each month. More often than not I take back the ideas to the Management Team the next day. For me it works brilliantly" Emlyn Evans Squab UK

On January 9th 2018, we kick off our second Owners and Directors Club for CEOs, MDs and Company Owners who like their golf. 

Each month we get together at Ardencote Golf Hotel and Spa, Warwickshire to look at business problems together and get out in the fresh air to work on our golf. Each month we have a different Business Leadership topic that guides the discussion of the day, that we then translate out onto the golf course. 

How do the people describe each other

This is how people describe each other : “a really nice chap”, “remarkable, I don’t know how she does what she does”, “A really genuine chap”, “he is amazing”, “she is flipping bonkers but I love her for it”, “what a great bloke and really down to earth”.

When do we meet?

We meet on the first Tuesday or first Wednesday of the month

Tuesday dates : January 9th Familiarisation day : February 13th : March 13th   : April 10th : May 8th : June 12th : July 10th : August no session : September 11th new intake joins : October 9th : November 13th : December 11th

Wednesday Dates ; January 10th, : February 14th : March 14th : April 11th : May 9th : June 13th : July 11th : August no session : September 12th new intake joins : October 10th : November 14th   : December no session

What are the topics?

Each month we set a topic to guide the discussions. These are designed by us but fellows also put forward ideas that they need help from the group with. The topics include : Managing Stress at work, Leading under Pressure, Managing vs Coaching, Creative Thinking, Creating Vision, The Management of Change, Managing People among many others

We only have a limited amount of people in each group and we do put the group together carefully as we know how important the people in it are to you so please drop us a line today to come on board.

What do people say about The Directors Club :

One person said “I will remember the Management of Change Module for the rest of my life. I’m not being funny but it was really powerful. I was in the middle of implementing a new computer system and it was proving really challenging. After the RedMane session I took away a lot more skills on how to make it go more smoothly and I’m pleased to say that it did”

Another adds “I thought I could meet more business people by going to networking events but there simply wasn’t the calibre of people there even at places you’d expect them to be. That’s what I really like about the Directors Club, it’s people with large businesses”

They really like the other people in the group. They are people that they wouldn’t normally meet. Mostly we are really open and relaxed people, sometimes we are a bit mad too!

People also say they like getting away from their desk for a morning and they love the fresh air.

They like the opportunity to talk to other people in business and like the different perspective and ideas they walk away with.

They tell us they find value in each session.

One person said that just one idea he had paid for his years fees in one hit. Other’s describe it as “brilliant”. Others say it’s their “sanity in a crazy world”. They say they like it because the ideas are long-lasting

Another says that she never takes time off work so this represents her “me time”

Others say that each month they “take the ideas back to their first line meeting to implement change”

"It's a space where you feel totally relaxed and safe to share important business issues. In one session it can pay for the whole years fees in just one idea that you take away."

The non-golfers in the group tell us that they get just as much from it as the golfers so you don't need to worry if you are just starting out. There is an eligibility criteria that you will have to meet to be a part of the Directors Club but this has nothing to do with your golf game you'll be glad to hear!

To enquire about the Owners and Directors Club and to find out about the eligibility criteria please call 01926 257 550 or email for the full brochure. 

"Thank you both. I found today one of the most productive of the year.  After the session I came back and put the solutions into place straight away"

Listen to what Emlyn as to say about the Club

"One of the first sessions was on Change Management. I'm not being funny, but I will remember it for the rest of my life. I was in the process of implementing a new computer system and receiving some resistance but after the session I came away with a lot more empathy for the team and the implementation went a lot more smoothly". 


A breath of fresh air in leadership development by Jo Cameron 

the redmane owners and directors club - COMMENCEMENT DATE 9TH JAN 2018 

A unique blend of golf and business that offers a confidential space to examine business issues and adds to your portfolio of business and Leadership skills

"Ingenious. Remarkable. Inspirational. World Class. Skillfully done" Andy Bird CEO FMAT

"Illuminating. Well worthwhile. Brave. The programmes work so well". David Hutt, MD Hutt Professional