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'A breath of fresh air' in leadership development by a UK renowned leadership specialist and a global golf coach, Jo Cameron and Julian Mellor

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The RedMane HalfWay Hut podcast brought to you by Jo Cameron and Julian Mellor is a weekly 20 minute chat show discussing how golf can inspire us as leaders. Sit back and relax, grab a coffee and listen to the lively chat between Jo and Julian, you are certain to pick up some hints and tips, even if you think you know everything lol! Also listen out for Julian's golf tip of the week and find out what's been going on behind the scenes in the Cameron / Mellor house. Comments and questions to info@redmanegroup.com

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26th April - The Myth of Keeping your Head down in golf or as a leader - here 

20th April - Five top tips to manage your emotions on the golf course and at work - here 

13th April Five top tips to put the energy back into your work and play - here 

6th April - Are you in the bunker at work? Five tips to get you out - here 

Resource of the Week

WATCH -  Jason Day 'Never Say Die'. This is such an inspiring short watch. Over ten minutes you can really understand what it was that made Jason ahead of the competition. Brilliant!


READ - Positive Impact Golf : Brian Sparks. This book will revolutionise your golf game but teaching to release tension by allowing your body to move freely. 

Resource of the Week

LISTEN - Gary Player ''Don't Choke: A Champion's Guide to Winning Under Pressure. This audio book is an absolute must even if you are a non-golfer. It has really easy-to-following, great content that is totally inspiring in whatever context you are listening to it. It's a MUST!


LISTEN / READ - The Mindful Golfer : How to lower your handicap by raising your Consciousness. Such a brilliant read / lists. It reminds us all why we love the game so much