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A breath of fresh air in leadership development by Jo Cameron 

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At RedMane, we believe that Leadership and Management Training is over-complicated. One of our favourite sayings from Jo is that she used to teach on MBA and Leadership programmes and she couldn't remember half of what she was taught let alone expecting her students to remember! Think about it for a minute... how much time and money have you spent on Leadership and Management courses only to find out nothing much changed? To 'learn' is to 'remember' and that's the space we operate in.

We also believe there is too much time spent in classrooms talking about Leadership rather than 'practising' it outside of the normal day-to-day. Let's face it, these days most of which you need to learn you can find from Google but what you need to do is experiment with yourself, outside of the situation itself to find out how your respond. For example, what happens to your brain and your body when you are under stress? Or, how do you respond to the pressures of being a leader? Or given the optimum conditions what would you to inspire your team every day? The answers to these questions emerge naturally when given an open space to think and the guided discussion to make useful conclusions.

We also believe that it's of paramount importance to take some time out to refresh and re-energise. Our addiction to 'busy' clouds our judgement and makes decisions less powerful. 

We believe that there is a lot of BS around in the Leadership world. If you like people who are straight talking and get to the point, you'll love working with us. We believe a lot of the ideas on Leadership need a refresh and that's what we are here to do :) 

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