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our grand opening - friday 30th june 2017 - cAN YOU SPOT YOURSELF?

On Friday 30th June representatives from over 40 businesses came together to celebrate the launch of our brand new Leadership and Management Development Centre at Ardencote, Warwick.

We loved playing host to the energetic and lively bunch!

We showed our guests how we bring leadership skills to life with golfing activities.

Many of our guests gave us 10 / 10 for enjoyment factor, learning outcomes and for the different way we help people learn about leadership. We loved it and we think our guests did too!!

Here is a few of the pictures for you 

"It was a really worthwhile use of my time as I was developing business skills whilst doing an enjoyable activity. It is an excellent concept that delivers and is a new and exciting way of learning". Matt Adidas

This was an excellent day for meeting new people, leadership development skills and a few golf skills too!  I spent some time doing one of the golf exercises with a non golfer. We both found the learning around tension really informative. The practical use of golf really helps to reinforce and illustrate the learning. I find this means I can remember what I've learnt long after the event. Better yet, I can apply the learning to my golf and the workplace - what's not to like! - Tracy Cross - Partner Band Hatton Button Solicitors

I really liked the concept of leadership and management with golf. Great morning with Jo and Julian a very interesting concept of combining golf and leadership skills

"The highlight for me was being outside and relating exercises to work"Helen  Pilot Flybe

Jo was energetic and engaging. Jo also kept everyone interested and was so friendly. I picked up some great tips about Change Management. 10 out of 10.

I learned several things about myself. Very enjoyable and interesting combination of activities –
Sally PR 

"What a great way to interact and work together as a team. I learned so much about how to deal with stress better by using the techniques you taught me. Being new to the role I found that I was slightly nervous at work. I've now discovered a way to calm my nerves and try not to be so nervous. I found this event quite relaxing. I would use these techniques from now on. I have learned that golf relaxes me so I decided to purchase my first set of golf clubs thanks to the introduction of your event. From now on I'm going to stay calm at times when I am nervous". Jaskaran Salarna, Associate Consultant

"Ingenious. Remarkable. Inspirational. World Class. Skillfully done" Andy Bird CEO FMAT

"Illuminating. Well worthwhile. Brave. It REALLY WORKS". David Hutt, MD Hutt Professional

'A breath of fresh air' in leadership development by a UK renowned leadership specialist and a global golf coach, Jo Cameron and Julian Mellor