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A breath of fresh air in leadership development by Jo Cameron 

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"Evidence suggests golfers live longer than non-golfers, enjoying improvements in cholesterol levels, body composition, wellness, self-esteem and self-worth. Given that the sport can be played by the very young to the very old, this demonstrates a wide variety of health benefits for people of all ages. One study in Sweden found regular golfers lived an average of five years longer than non-golfers."

Why leadership out on the golf course?

One of the most exciting things we can do for you, is to use the whole of the golf course at Ardencote for your Leadership Programme or Team Day. This is because it's a privately owned venue so we have flexibility over its use meaning you won't be surrounded by hundreds of golfers hurrying you on. We can clear the course especially for you. Imagine that for a minute...how would that feel...having the whole golf course all to yourself and your team?

How does it work?

 Jo Cameron MA who heads up the Leadership and MAnagement Development Centre at Ardencote, teams up with her partner Julian Mellor, who heads up the Golf Coaching Centre, to deliver energising programmes out on the golf course. Julian is one of only six people in the world authorised to coach The Easiest Swing in Golf. People fly in from all over the UK and beyond to learn from Julian. You can watch him on YouTube here

​~Jo adds, "On each hole we have created a different activity that relates to the business landscape". For example on the 9th hole we run our ‘Leading Under Pressure’ Module because it’s next to the water! On the 1st hole we run the ‘Building Team Capacity’ Module because it has lots of nice trees to illustrate the people in your team. On the putting greens we run the ‘Being a Courageous Leader’ Module because holing a put under pressure takes a heck of a lot of courage. And so it goes on with a whole range of Leadership and Team Building activities built around the golf course.

A typical event would start in the classroom. We  do a small amount of theory which underpins the session and then it’s out into the fresh air to put the learning into practice. The programmes are mostly about moving around in the fresh air which is scientifically proven to be more effective than sitting in a stuffy classroom. If your delegates don’t want to pick up a club they don’t have to but most people want to have a go and really enjoy it once they get going!

​​​According to our research we are the first and ONLY place in the world that can do this for you. We have developed the programmes in such a way that they make the most of the venue but you don't need to play golf or even like it. Here is why people tell us our programmes work :

  • The golf course acts as a mental picture of the business landscape so people remember what they've learned.
  • Fresh air increases your energy levels by around 90% so you have more creative thoughts and fresher thinking whilst outside
  • Our golf course is an inspiring environment to be in with its endless natural beauty
  • Most people, once out on the course, love learning the new skill of hitting a golf ball
  • If you are a golfer, you will know that there is nothing quite like striking a ball really well and we find the non-golfers come to this conclusion quickly too
  • If you are a golfer you will also know that out on the course, golf tests you physically, mentally, and emotionally. We can use these highs and lows to simulate the workplace where you get the opportunity to learn so much about yourself
  • And if you are thinking of starting to play you will be happy to know that it helps you live longer according to the University of Edinburgh!