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A breath of fresh air in leadership development by Jo Cameron 

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Emotional Intelligence

Here we are working with a group looking at Emotional Intelligence.  It's not always that obvious in a classroom how Emotionally Intelligent you are as a leader but add in some cleverly designed golf activities and it becomes really apparent. Eye Opening!



Science has proven that whilst the body is in motion, the brain is more likely to remember what it is being taught. This makes our programmes much quicker and more effective than standard classroom based learning. This could save you thousands of pounds or dollars over traditional programmes. 

Each programme we run, we witness people coming to their learning conclusion within minutes rather than hours.

Confidence Building 

Here we are doing some 1-2-1 work. This is our confidence building activity. It's amazing how much more confident people become about finding the hole when we show them how easy it is with our secret techniques!


five day flagship programme

Our five day course is guaranteed to get your teams energised and inspired to levels not experienced before. Call us today for a no obligation chat on + 44 (0) 1926 257 550 or email us on info@redmanegroup.com

Managing Change

Here we are running a putting activity that illustrates change management. We have designed an activity to help leaders understand what it's like for the people in their teams who are on the receiving end of the organisational change.

"I am not being funny but I will remember this activity until the day I die" was what one person said about this module. He was implementing a new IT system which was proving very tricky so once he was aware of the change management process and how it affects people it ran a lot more smoothly.



We can tailor our programmes to whatever you need.

We offer full online learning to support the practical elements of the programme and we can also take it fully virtual for you allowing you to reach thousands more people all over the world!! 

Talk to us today about our blended learning options by emailing here 

1-2-1 Support

Our programmes are supported by a comprehensive set of notes and online content. You can also supplement your programmes by adding in 1-2-1 coaching too. It's the all-round comprehensive approach to your Leadership Development

Resilience Skills

This is our resilience activity. You soon learn how resilient you are when you have to putt these five balls in a row. Miss one and you have to start all over again. Out in the open air we can show you how to build your resilience so you can stick with things even when the going gets tough 

Stress and Tension at Work

Here we are working with a group of non-golfers discussing stress and wellbeing at work. We have designed an activity to help you reflect on how stress plays out in your life and how it affects your outcomes. 

"Really like the link between stress and tension. The link between golf and business is very good" Matt Taylor JLR Wellbeing Champion

Worked Examples - Here are some examples of the work that we do

all programmes INDOORS WITH OUR INDOOR GOLF SIMULATOR so bad weather is not a problem