"Ingenious. Remarkable. Inspirational. World Class. Skillfully done" Andy Bird CEO FMAT

"Illuminating. Well worthwhile. Brave. It REALLY WORKS". David Hutt, MD Hutt Professional


'A breath of fresh air' in leadership development by a UK renowned leadership specialist and a global golf coach, Jo Cameron and Julian Mellor

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We are a niche Leadership and Management Development Consultancy based in the Regency town of Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire UK. We specialise in bringing Leadership Skills to life though golfing activities which includes Leadership and Management Development Programmes, Away Days and Team Building Events. It's a unique pairing who run our company : Jo Cameron who is BBC Broadcaster and Leadership Specialist and her partner Julian Mellor PGA Golf Professional and Positive Impact Golf Coach. Jo has an MA in Leadership from an award winning UK University for which she received a Distinction from her second marker at Oxford University and The course Prize. Julian Mellor is one of only four people authorised to coach the unique golf system 'Positive Impact Golf'. People fly in from all over the UK and beyond to learn from Julian and online his clients stretch as far as Australia and the US.

We have been working with companies for over a decade to improve the performance of its employees.  Call us today to see how we can inspire your leaders to achieve their best level of performance

""The golf improvement alone was worth it. Additionally, all the business insights which came out of the programme were really useful. I have already achieved a result this morning!”

          -- David Hutt. Business Owner

"I don't like golf and I don't like Leadership courses but I am hooked. Jo and Julian made me feel really comfortable and I learned so much. The course was a real turning point in my life"

          -- Celia. Business Owner 

our approach

we believe in a unique and customiSed experience for each and every client.


Jo Cameron has been working within the Leadership and Management arena for nearly 20 years and Julian has been working as a professional golf coach for nearly three decades. The Leadership Skills Programmes brought to life with golfing activities mark a new arena of making learning come alive...Read the story here.......

The foundations for RedMane were laid  in 2007 when Jo Cameron went for a golf lesson with Julian. They hit if off straight away and two years later they had their baby daughter! Jo always knew that she would love to work with Julian and their skills complemented each perfectly but the timing never seemed right as they got busy bringing up their daughter. Jo went on to work with many different clients on a range of leadership and management programmes including BT, HSBC and Shell.

They started experimenting with their new products combining leadership with golf as a way to help people learn, as early as 2013 and their guests really loved it. In fact some people said their programmes were the highlight of the year.

Spring forward a couple of years to 2015 when their thoughts finally started to converge. Julian was learning about Positive Impact Golf and how removing tension from the golf swing could really improve a golfer's performance. At the same time Jo was researching how organisations could achieve results without putting their staff under so much pressure. They both started to have really good success with their new ideas as their clients experimented with their new, more relaxed approaches. It proved to Jo and Julian and their clients, that there is a better, easier way to achieve results for both professions. This is what it got really exciting!

In addition to this shared belief that reduced tension delivers better results, they also believe their professions are over-complicated, too difficult to understand and leave people confused.  They want to make leadership easy for you! To find out more about Jo's talk, 'Leading with Ease' click here

It is common now for Julian to get 30 yards on a person's golf swing in 30 minutes and together they can lead people to powerful 'light bulb' moments in less than half the time it would take in a classroom. As someone once described their programmes..."they are EPIC"!

People say they are a great team and work together really well. We are sure that you will find that too.

For a no-obligation chat about how we can help you please email info@redmanegroup.com or call + 44 (0) 1926 257 550


It's all to do with the hair! Jo and Julian are both redheads. Some people also remember Jo from the TV Show The Apprentice because her hair was a lot more crazy then :)

The lion is also a highly symbolic creature and is well known in some cultures as being very auspicious. We hope you like it :)

Our passion is our profession. We love golf and we love helping people learn. Out on the golf course the learning is much more effective than it is in the classroom and we adore seeing people have their light bulb moments when suddenly everything falls into place.

We pride ourselves on our down to earth approach which makes us easy to understand and easy to work with no matter what level people are at.

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